Kevin Farmer

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Kevin Farmer, serves as the Team Leader for the USDA-NRCS National Watershed Programs Team in Washington, DC. As the Team Leader, Kevin provides overall leadership, strategic direction and coordination of the Emergency Watershed Protection Program, Watershed Rehabilitation Program, Watershed Protection & Flood Prevention Operations Program and other watershed related activities. Kevin is also responsible for watershed policy development and implementation.

Kevin is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biological & Agricultural Systems Engineering. He has over 18 years of service and experience managing watershed activities for the Emergency Watershed Protection Program, Watershed Rehabilitation Program, Watershed Operations Program, and other watershed planning programs.

Kevin has held several positions within the NRCS including, National Watershed Rehabilitation Program Manager, Acting Watershed Rehabilitation Program Coordinator, State Conservation Engineer for NRCS-Rhode Island, State Construction Engineer for NRCS-Georgia, Wetland Team Leader for NRCS-California, and Civil Engineer for NRCS-Minnesota.

Kevin is a licensed Professional Engineer. He is a graduate of the 2010 NRCS National Leadership Development Program. He is also a graduate of the 2015 NRCS Strategic Leaders Development Program.

As National Watershed Programs Team Leader, Kevin has enhanced partner working relationships, managed over $1.3Billion in watershed program outlays including the largest rehab program budget in Agency history. Kevin was instrumental in developing the agency briefing for the USDA Dam Safety Committee that outlined the strategy to provide NRCS assistance to address imminent hazards associated with our aging dams.