Leonard Jordan

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Leonard Jordan is the Associate Chief for Conservation and is responsible for the delivery of conservation programs and initiatives throughout the agency. He previously served as the Regional Conservationist for the Southeast, serving in that position from January 2009 to May 2013. During his distinguished 36-year career with NRCS, Mr. Jordan has worked in a variety of positions across the agency’s disciplines. Rapidly progressing up through the ranks, he joined the National Headquarters leadership team in January 2005.

Before becoming Regional Conservationist, Mr. Jordan was Deputy Chief for Strategic Planning and Accountability (SPA). Prior to leading SPA, he was Division Director of Conservation Planning and Technical Assistance and Director of the Conservation Easement Programs Division.

He has served as State Conservationist for both Georgia and Washington and worked in five States serving as Assistant State Conservationist, Area Conservationist, Area Resource Conservationist, Area Agronomist, District Conservationist, Soil Conservationist, and Conservation Technician.

A native of Tennessee, Mr. Jordan graduated from Tennessee State University and is the proud father of two children.

Mr. Jordan has a special appreciation for the work done by NRCS’ frontline employees, particularly those who work directly with customers.