Pelham Straughn

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Pelham Straughn worked on Capitol Hill for nearly two decades, over half that time with the House Committee on Agriculture. During his thirteen-year tenure on the Committee, Pelham worked on three different farm bills, served two different subcommittee Chairmen (Congressmen Terry Everett and Bill Jenkins) and three different full committee Chairmen (Congressmen Larry Combest, Bob Goodlatte, and Frank Lucas). He served in many different capacities including Subcommittee Staff Director, Senior Professional Staff and finally Policy Director where he led a talented policy team during the formation, debate, and passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014. His portfolio at different times included conservation, farm and commodity programs, trade, livestock, crop insurance, disaster programs, sugar, peanut, and tobacco programs.

In 2015, Pelham Straughn and Dave White, former Chief of NRCS, founded the 9b Group. 9b Group was formed as a Benefit Corporation providing clients with unparalleled expertise in agricultural conservation policy and sustainability. As a Benefit Corporation, 9b Group has the purpose of creating a positive impact on the environment and society, and assisting clients in realizing, expanding, and surpassing their conservation and sustainability goals.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Pelham graduated from Hampden-Sydney College and now resides on Capitol Hill with his wife and their two daughters.